Keri Kirsten

Abela Roles : Client, Systems, Strategy

Keri has over 20 years experience in the financial / fleet management industries. He has a broad experience base covering the commercial, financial and IT facets of fleet management. His key role at Abela is the building of our commercial fleet / vehicle leasing strategy supported through appropriate fleet product innovation and ongoing fleet system development and enhancement.



Ross Richards

Abela Roles : Client, Operations, Risk

Ross has over 30 years experience in the fleet management / motor vehicle industries . He has significant experience in the operational, financial and risk management facets of fleet management.  His key roles at Abela is to oversee the management of Abela’s ongoing exposure vehicle costs and risks through the forecasting of future vehicle maintenance costs and vehicle residual values.



Howard Shimwell

Key Abela Roles : Client, Business Development, Marketing

Howard has over 30 years experience in the fleet management / motor industries focussed mainly on developing, implementing and managing vehicle leasing solutions for business. This included managing key client relationships and supplier networks like fuel card, tracking & recovery, insurance, vehicle dealers and related entities. His key role at Abela is developing new business growth through specific sales channels.